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Welcome to Safe Stock Resources

"It's not about how many members we have, it's about who our members are. We care about our Resources & Stock Community. We strive to provide quality, safe, and legitimate stock resources for artists to use."

This group is based on the pledge that we as stock providers distribute safe and legitimate stock resources. We pledge to follow all dA Term and Guidelines regarding our stock resources, so that artists may use our stock without fear or penalty.

Safe-Stock-Resources was formed as a way to feature the stock providers that are known and trusted for their content. It was not created as your average 'submit anything' group. It is meant to be a place where artists can go to see a selection of stock providers that they can trust.

Only verified members will be allowed to join. The submission process will be strict and thorough. Not everyone will be approved. All potential members must be stock resource providers. If you are interested in joining, send the group a note, and we will put you into the consideration queue. If you are an artist seeking stock to use, please watch the group instead.

Certified Stock by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock Submissions Policy Large Stamp by CelticStrm-Stock I Support My Fellow Stock Peeps Stamp by CelticStrm-Stock Google is not stock by AmblingPhotographer

For more information about :devart: stock guidelines, please visit:

FAQ #792: As a stock art resource provider, how can I be of help in regards of stock art resource usage in prints?

FAQ #752: If my print contains an image that isn't mine, can I still use it for print?

FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?

FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?

How To Credit Your Stock Providers Tutorial by CelticStrm-Stock Do's and Don'ts of Stock Photography by Tasastock Contests News and FeaturesWelcome to Stock & Resources 2013!
We hope you all had an excellent beginning to the New Year!  Please find below some very interesting contests, features and news.
Precut stock - all the problems :/
Precut stock is something that like Marmite, people either love, or hate.  Either way it brings its own special issues to stock providers and photomanipulators alike, so I've highlighted some very important points you should take into consideration below.
:bulletred: Precut stock is in its very nature "EDITED" therefore its is no longer in its original photographic form and should therefore be posted to resources/clipart OR stock/premade backgrounds/..  NOT to the usual stock galleries which should be reserved for original photography that has only very minor post production edits such as exposure/brightness/contrast etc. alterations according to DA's gallery definitions.
:bulletred: Precut stock - like all photo
Membership and Submission Guideline InformationThis is the outline of our group membership and submission requirements. Just like at The-Stock-Directory, everyone has a say in how this group is run. If you have a suggestion or addendum to the rules, please let us know. After this blog is published, I will be adding a folder so that you can submit your Stock Terms of Use journals, so feel free to submit them. Even though the membership requirements are strict and thorough, this group will not be an elitist snob society. I don't play by those rules.
If you are a new stock provider and are watching or considering this group, I encourage you to visit The-Stock-Directory and look over the Learning Resources for Stock Artists gallery. The-Stock-Directory is a learning based group that helps new providers grow and learn the ropes. I would also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the :devart: terms and guidelines regarding stock. That should

:star: Submission Guidelines:

:bulletblue: - All submissions must be listed in the Resources & Stock category of deviantART.

:bulletblue: - As this is a Featured Member group, only deviants who have been accepted as a member will have their work accepted.

If you know of a legitimate stock and resource provider invite them to join the group or have one of the admins send an invitation; please do not submit their stock to us unless they are a member here!

:bulletblue: - All submissions must adhere to dA Terms and Guidelines.

:bulletblue: - All Premade Backgrounds must be credited, whether it's your own resources or legitimate 3rd Party resources. (i.e. another dA stock provider that allows for premades.) Note: Premades should never be created with images from, DepositPhotos, etc. It violates their redistribution terms.)

:bulletblue: - All Precut Images must be of your own resources or precut with permission from the original stock provider. They must be credited in the artists comments. They should NEVER come from google images, retail websites, or other copyrighted images.

Check Out Our Sister Groups!

:iconthe-stock-directory: :iconpose-emporium: :iconstock-for-premades: :iconpremiumcontentdevs:


Today we are going to take an in-depth look at FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines? This particular FAQ is one that our stock community should know by heart. If you are submitting to the Resources & Stock gallery, you need to be familiar with it. As Stock & Resources Community Volunteers, we personally will not feature a resource as a Daily Deviation if they do not follow this simple list. This also includes personal commentary based on our own personal opinions and experience within the community as a stock providers and a photomanipulators. The personal IMHO portions may be a bit ranty, and you've been warned. :)

FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?

  • Size must be a MINIMUM of 1000x1000pixels (excluding vintage portraits that are relatively small and of low quality)

    IMHO: Really in this day and age of technology, how difficult is this? Seriously? The day is long past for the 640 x 778 px stock photo. There are cell phones out there that people take goofy "selfies" on for their you-twit-face-space pages that have a higher pixel resolution. The rule allows for smaller vintage images, but even those can be scanned at massively high resolutions these days. Remember: This applies to both Preview Images and Resource Submissions. This also counts for cut out stock elements.  We do not accept a tiny element pasted into 1000 x 1000 png to get around the minimum sizes.  Your actual cut out must be acceptable in size and quality.

  • No heavy distortion due to blur/noise/grain (this rule is case-by-case and at the staff/volunteers discretion for the usability of the image in question.)

    IMHO: For this one, We believe the word "Duh" applies. lol If you're going to provide a resource, you need to make sure that people will be able to actually use the resource. Overly blurred or grainy images are basically useless, especially for photomanipulators. (I'm going to toss in a personal pet peeve of mine with this, which is overly manipulated "resources." If you've manipulated the crap out of a resource with heavy black vignettes and other effects that blow out pixels, etc, how is an artist supposed to create their own original art from it? You might as well just stick it in the photomanip gallery, because that is exactly what it is.) 

  • No webcams or cell phone images

    IMHO: Really because just.. NO.

    These types of photos are better reserved for your facebook or tumblr page, not our Stock gallery.
    Keep in mind that the Stock & Resources Gallery IS NOT A DUMPING GROUND. There are many who believe that the stock and resources galleries are the "low man on the totem pole" which is simply not true.  The community works incredibly hard to not only maintain good standards but also endevour to raise them along the way.  By posting poor quality images, selfies and other things that are inappropriate for the gallery you are effectively lowering the standards.  Please respect your fellow community members hard work and take as much pride in your work as they do with theirs.

  • No sexually explicit imagery

    IMHO: Seriously just no. Your penii, saggy boobs swinging in the air, hairy butt cracks, etc, are not really stock. The Stock and Resources gallery is not your own personal fetish exhibition gallery. We are not porn stars that will take requests for your foot fetishes, etc. (I swear to all that is holy and unholy if you request a foot shot from me, you are going to get a photo of the nastiest, gnarliest hairy old foot that will make you puke and scar you for life I can find. Honestly, I'll really just ignore your request, but it's still a thought.)

     There is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between an artistic nude pose, and a disgusting porn fetish pose. Artistic nudes can be useful for artists that need references of body angles and styles. If you do not know what an ARTISTIC NUDE looks like, visit the galleries of: mjranum-stock and ArtReferenceSource Their galleries are perfect examples of what IS ACCEPTABLE insofar as the artistic nude. 

    If your "stock photo" looks like it came off a porn site or from the pages of Hustler Magazine, it does not belong in our gallery. WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT: DO NOT DISRESPECT THE MINORS that provide model stock. You do NOT need to be commenting "oh so sexy" on a child's stock photograph. That is disgusting and disturbing. We are referring to "child" here as anyone under the age of 18. DO NOT send them perv "requests" hoping to take advantage of their innocence. 

  • No celebrity images or "editions"

    IMHO: Just because you "cut out" your "renders" DOES NOT MEAN IT MAKES IT YOURS. You did not take the photograph, you do not have the model release. You do not have the permission to redistribute these types of images. We realize the vast majority of the people distributing these types of images have the "I don't care, I'll do whatever I want" attitude. They won't stop, no matter how many times they've been talked to, disciplined, or deactivated. Our only hope is that we can help educate the people that do want to learn, but have been following what they see in the gallery. We wish they'd stop. (I'd like to slam tumblr, flickr, and anything else that ends in r without a vowel behind it like the Hulk slammed Loki in Iron Man's penthouse suite for letting this get popular.) Just because something is Popular, DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. Just because everyone else is doing it, does not mean you should. (Now you've gone and made me sound like my mom. :stare: )

  • No anime "renders"

     Our opinion on this is the same as above. STOP IT! :stare: You are only hurting the artists that use these images when you distribute them. It might be a "get popular quick" scheme, but over all, it discredits you as a provider and hurts the artist that uses the images in your gallery. As a stock and resource provider, you have a responsibility to the artists that use your stock to provide images that you have the necessary permissions to redistribute. 

    Definition of a Render: Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 2D or 3D model (or models in what collectively could be called a scene file), by means of computer programs. Also, the results of such a model can be called a rendering.…
  • No images taken from search engines such as Google

    Seriously. We know how to use google too. If we reverse search your image and find that it's been taken from another photographer, etc. you are SOL on a DD from us. :facepalm: This is another "get popular quick" scheme that only undermines you as a provider. If you can find it on google to upload in five minutes, we can find it too. :) It is NOT THAT DIFFICULT to go outside with a camera and take your own photo. It doesn't take long to learn how to enhance your skills as a photographer. There are people here that are willing to help you learn, us included. The gallery is filled with hundreds or maybe thousands of tutorials on photography and stock photography. We would much rather help you learn to be a stock provider, than have to say no to a DD suggestion because it's not really your own photograph.

  • No "premade" or "precut" images taken from stock sites that do not allow redistribution

     This goes hand in hand with the no Anime or Celebrity junk that's clogging our galleries and preventing real stock providers from being seen. We are MORE than aware that your "own original photograph" of that pre-cut corset is actually from the corset-story retail site. (Oh yeah, I just said that.) Do not use those types of images for pre-cuts. Again, you are only discrediting yourself as a provider and negatively impacting the artist that uses images from your gallery.

    ON THE OTHER HAND: We realize that these topics are frustrating for stock providers, but creating flaming lists and shaming journals for your followers to whip out the torches and pitch forks is not the way to go. It just makes you look like an arrogant jerk, and it's another "get popular quick" scheme that drives us nuts. Some of these people genuinely may not know what is going on, and why what they are doing is not permissible. Take time and effort to teach them. Show them the faq, show them how to do it properly. If all else fails, send them to Elandria, PirateLotus-Stock, or CelticStrm-Stock. We are always happy to help guide newbies to the light. They might be willing to learn and that might just mean 200+ less items of junk in our gallery. They might start providing real resources that are a credit to our community instead.

  • One thing We have seen all to often is this sense of entitlement just because it's in the resources gallery. There's this idea of "oh I'll do whatever I want with it because it's stock" out there, and that is not the case. We allow you to use our photography, etc. based on the honor system that you will follow the terms of use we set by our resources. When you download our resources, you are electronically agreeing to abide by our terms of use. 

In Closing

Our Stock & Resources Community is one of the best We've ever had the pleasure of working with. The vast majority of us are kind and welcoming to new people. We aren't petty and competitive, and that is not a trait we want infecting our ranks. We are a family that supports and encourages each other. We are all connected, and we all benefit if we work together to teach how to properly provide resources and encourage creativity with each other. (My ranty bits may seem kind of harsh at points, but if you know me, you know total honesty is just how I roll.)

We are challenging YOU

to go forth and help guide, teach, and encourage our newest members how to properly provide resources. This means reaching out to them personally without creating some pitch fork and torches journal to shame them out of the community. We are strongest when we work together and embrace new members. Let's create a buddy-mentor system for this. (I will be starting a new group specifically geared towards this and will announce it soon.)




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

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